Qualifications and Accreditation

As our KS4 and KS5 students prepare for their next steps, it may be important for them to work towards formal qualifications and accreditations which are nationally recognised by employers and can be built on throughout these key stages and beyond. Our students have the opportunity to work towards a variety of accreditations, outlined below.

Entry Level English and Maths: students can work towards Entry level 1, 2 or 3 maths and/ or English qualifications and beyond where appropriate. During learning sessions, students have opportunities to apply their existing skills to various functional contexts, and develop independence and resilience when problem solving. The length of the course is personalised, and culminates in an externally verified series of tests involving speaking and listening, reading and writing in English, calculator and non-calculator papers in maths.

BTEC Home Cooking Skills: The students learn to make sweet and savoury dishes that they will find useful now and in the future. As well as developing independence skills, they learn about nutrition and a balanced diet and hygiene and safety.

BTEC in Construction: During this course, students work in small groups in our well-equipped workshop. They learn how to plan and make a variety of products using hand and powered tools safely and accurately, while applying their design, English and maths skills. The course has the flexibility to enable students to follow their aspirations and interests by working on units that include woodwork, joinery and maintenance, providing them with skills that will allow them to flourish.

BTEC Land Based Studies: Our students have made a major contribution to developing our rural skills areas, including soft fruit cages, preparing and erecting a poly-tunnel, making and maintaining raised beds and flower beds. During this course, students have the opportunity to get their hands dirty, preparing the ground for plants and learning how to use tools safely.

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