Welcome to the official blog of the South Africa Expedition 2018!

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What is the South Africa Expedition?

In June 2018, 8 students from Ellen Tinkham School and College will embark on a 2 week trip to Durban and the surrounding area.
They will be taking part in conservation work, going on safari, experiencing camping and hiking in the bush, visiting a local Special needs School we are linked with, and many other exciting opportunities. The school has never offered an expedition like this before. We believe our students deserve the same opportunities as their mainstream siblings and peers. Gap year travels and holidays with friends are an unlikely goal for our students, even family holidays are tricky for many. Many mainstream secondary schools offer expeditions and that is what we are aiming to match. The experience will enhance not only the students confidence but the their whole families too. They will show what they can do, not what they can’t, this will also show the wider community what can be achieved given the opportunity and help close the gap between ” them” and ” us”. Although only a small group are travelling this time, this experience is only the beginning and it is an example of what can happen so will improve the lives of all those living with disabilities as more people adopt the “can do” attitude.
Over the next 18 months the students and staff will be working hard organising and taking part in fundraising activities in order to make the expedition happen! There will also be 2 team building weekends for the students and staff in preparation for the trip.

Why are we fundraising?

An opportunity like this does not come cheaply! The needs of the students and the higher staff ratio required means the cost is more. Each student and staff member has a commitment to contribute to the cost and we are raising funds to help with the rest.
Fundraising is an enjoyable and rewarding challenge, and a huge part of a trip such as this. Fundraising offers opportunities to work together, brings the students, families, staff and community together, and creates a strong work ethos.

How can I support the students to raise money?

Please keep an eye out on this blog for upcoming fundraising events and news on how we are doing!
We also have a ‘gofundme’ page which can be shared to raise awareness and donations made


Thank you for reading… Watch this space!

Sharing is caring!