Welcome to the official blog of the South Africa Expedition 2018!

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What is the South Africa Expedition?

In June 2018, 8 students from Ellen Tinkham School and College will embark on a 2 week trip to Durban and the surrounding area.
They will be taking part in conservation work, going on safari, experiencing camping and hiking in the bush, visiting a local Special needs School we are linked with, and many other exciting opportunities.
Over the next 18 months the students and staff will be working hard organising and taking part in fundraising activities, in order to make the expedition happen!

Why do you need to raise money?

An opportunity like this does not come cheaply! We need to raise a significant amount of money to ensure this once in a lifetime trip can happen. The students and staff all have a fundraising target to reach, but they cannot do it by themselves!
Fundraising is an enjoyable and rewarding challenge, and a huge part of a trip such as this – our students will learn skills for life by working together, and thinking creatively to plan challenging and fun events.
After the trip, it will mean so much more to our young people and adults if they have all contributed towards the cost in some way.

How can I support the students to raise money?

Please keep an eye out on this blog for upcoming fundraising events.
Alternatively, we have a ‘gofundme’ page which you can visit to donate money, or share to your friends and family!


Thank you for reading… Watch this space!

Sharing is caring!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the official blog of the South Africa Expedition 2018!

    1. The 8 students have already been chosen on a 1st come 1st served basis – there is also a reserve list in case we have any students drop out.

      1. how do we know whether Tp is on the list i have recieved no communication from school regarding this and i returned the letter stating our interest the next day

        1. Hello, as per my previous comment – we chose the students on a first come, first served basis – we decided 8 was the maximum amount of students we could take. We have a reserve list in case of any drop outs, which I can ad TP to. Thanks.

      2. hi will how do we find out if Tp is being considered or is on a list as we havent had info from school since returning the form which we did the next day at the time we assumed would be a trip that we would have had to pay for , … could you drop us a line and let us know many thanks

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