Indigo Class

Gold & Star Classes are very specialist provisions for children and young people who find it difficult to access their learning within the main Ellen Tinkham classrooms due to their complex disabilities.

These classes support all young people 1:1 with the capability of 2:1 or 3:1 support when required, within the school environment or off site. The staff teams in Gold and Star Classes are experienced in positive person-centred pedagogy and practice, ensuring an intense level of creative personalisation for each pupil.

The curriculum and individual learning programmes reflect the strengths and interests of the young person and include a sensory diet (provided by the Occupational Therapist) linked with regular physical activity throughout the school day. Effective communication is a priority and developing a pupil’s ability to communicate is at the heart of their individual learning programme.

Our pupils can be sensitive to subtle changes in their health and wellbeing, which can often lead to changes in communication and behaviour. The individual programmes and the classroom organisation have in-built flexibility which allows for discrete changes to occur in order to perpetuate pupil engagement. The outdoor classroom area, with direct access from the indoor classroom, increases the opportunities for independent learning and self regulation by students.

All staff are trained in Team Teach. Any child or young person who may on occasion require ‘positive handling’ will have a Personal Intervention Plan (PIP) which includes respectful intervention.

Further Education

Everyone will be the best they can be; Everyone has a voice; No-one is excluded.