Assessment and Moderation

Assessment of and for learning is essentially ongoing and should be seen as an integral part of an interactive learning process. The central purpose of assessment is to provide information on pupil progress and achievement and to set the direction of ongoing teaching and learning. Assessment across the Federation is tailored to the individual’s needs and his or her unique profile. Such assessment takes account of the stage a pupil is at in his or her cognitive development, rather than his or her chronological age. For us, Assessment has three core objectives:

1) To act as a diagnostic tool to inform and personalise the learning priorities for the learner

2) To celebrate pupil progress and document the journey of learning and their path towards independence.

3) To set challenging personalised targets to identify the academic and holistic progress

The curriculum and assessment processes across the Learn to Live Federation creates successful learning opportunities which:

  • address the individual needs of pupils
  • involve pupils in the assessment and planning process
  • ensure that breadth, balance, relevance and progression is maintained
  • meet the requirements of relevant legislation.

Summative assessment records and data are held centrally and are accessible to all staff while the format of formative record-keeping systems can vary according to specific purpose and the needs of the teacher.

Assessment is thoroughly moderated to ensure accuracy, quality, consistency and reliability. Moderation takes place at class team, key stage and whole school level. External moderation occurs across the federation and externally through the SENtient Trust.

Accredited courses are internally and externally verified in line with specific guidelines issued by each exam board. For example, key staff are assigned to each BTEC course to ensure the quality of assessment and record keeping.

Everyone will be the best they can be; Everyone has a voice; No-one is excluded.