Parent/Carer Survey

We really value the contributions, input and feedback we receive from our parents and carers.  Our last survey took place in the Summer of 2022 and what came across loud and clear was that our greatest strength is our staff who educate and care for our children whilst at school.

The comments provided by our parents and carers also provided us with good discussions when reviewing our Federation Development & Innovation Plan, as well as our working practice going forward.

Below is the summary of responses to the questions we asked in the Summer of 2022.  We welcome feedback at any time from our families and if you’d like to contact us, please email your local School Office:

@Hollow Lane – email
@Wayside Crescent – email


98.3% said their child was happy at school
92.3% said their child feels safe at school
85.5% said that should there be an incident involving safeguarding, they felt confident school would deal with the matter seriously, quickly and effectively
94% felt behaviour is consistently well-managed by staff
80.3% agreed when concerns had been raised, they had been dealt with properly
84.6% confirmed school makes them aware of what their child will be learning in a term
89.8% said the school gives their child the support they need to succeed
80.4% agreed that the school has high expectations for their child
94% said their child does well at the school
87.2% agreed the school supports their child’s wider personal development
85.5% confirmed there is a good range of subjects available to their child
67.4% said the school develops their child’s understanding of British Values
93.2% agreed communication between the family and teaching staff is good
87.1% stated communication received from school is regular, clear, concise, meaningful and timely
95% agreed they would recommend the school to another parent

Everyone will be the best they can be; Everyone has a voice; No-one is excluded.