Sixth Form

The Sixth Form (Post 16/Key Stage 5) located in Building One at Hollow Lane is a provision for young people between the ages of 16-19. The Key Stage 5 (Post 16 Education) curriculum is linked to the Preparing for Adulthood Framework.

Students may spend one, two or three years within the Department, depending on their Transition plans. All students have a personalised learning programme built around what is important to them, and for them, and which works towards preparing them for longer term future outcomes and aspiration. The Transition process is embedded throughout the students’ programmes, and families and carers will receive support during their time in the department specific to this.

Personalised learning programmes are specific to the needs, interests and aspirations of each individual student. For some this may include accredited courses, Work Experience placements and Vocational learning and a focus on Independent Living Skills. For other students with more complex needs, personalised programmes may have a stronger emphasis on communication, sensory processing and therapies as well as learning targets.

There is also an emphasis on developing self esteem, confidence, resilience and personal safety skills which are crucial to young people as they prepare for their transition into Adulthood.

​We are also committed to ensuring that our students progress in their confidence as communicators and that they are at the centre of all choice and decision making. As a Department we also work hard to engage our students in enrichment activities, (including Community Inclusion experiences) to encourage a confidence and enthusiasm for new experiences.

In Sixth Form, everyone is actively included and treated with mutual respect. Every student in Sixth Form has their views and choices respected whilst still being challenged to achieve and have aspirations. It is our aim for students to be given the skills and experiences to leave school well prepared for their transition to a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Everyone will be the best they can be; Everyone has a voice; No-one is excluded.