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Below you will find lots of information to help support your young person’s Transition.  If you have any queries, please contact Emma Kenshole, ET’s Transition Lead based at Ellen Tinkham College on 01392 482533 (option 3) or email 


We are happy to say the Transition Support Group has been re-launched this year by the ET Transition Lead, Emma Kenshole. This is a forum where families can attend information sessions relating to various aspects of Transition.   Guest speakers from a range of services are invited to attend and present to families followed by a Q&A session.

We are aware many families may be unable to attend forums during the day due to work commitments.  Unfortunately, unlike school staff who are able to run meetings starting late afternoon into early evening, this is often not the case for other agencies. Information from meetings will therefore be put on this site to ensure all have access to presentation materials and information.



Information Meeting with guest speakers from the Preparing for Adulthood Team and Careers South West [materials].

Preparing for Adulthood (Adult Social Care)

Thinking about your child growing up and being independent can be a scary time.  What will happen to care packages? What happens after education finishes? What is out there?

The Preparing for Adulthood team at Devon County Council is an adult social care team here to help make the transition period as smooth as possible and to answer any questions you might have.  In order to have time for conversations and to increase understanding of adult social care we need parents to take the first steps by referring their child to us in preparation for their year 10 EHCP review.  You can do this by completing the online form here:

Also by clicking on this link you can find lots more information about the preparing for adulthood process and things you need to be aware of within adult social care.

We would like to attend all year 10 EHCP reviews to meet families and to begin the conversation about transition.  If we are unable to attend the review we will make contact with you by telephone.   At this point we are gathering information about your child to refer them to the relevant adult community health and social care team for transition in the future.  We will then contact you at intervals during the next couple of years and continue to attend the EHCP reviews to keep updated about your child.  We may work with you around setting achievable independence goals that are relevant to your child.

When your child reaches 17 they can be referred to the Reaching for Independence team if this is suitable for them.  This team work on targeted independence skills that are appropriate for your child, for example travel training, shopping, routines.  This is an optional service and will be discussed with you at the time.

We are here to help and your allocated Preparing for Adulthood worker will be the point of contact for any questions you may have about transition between year 10 until your child has an adult social worker involved.  The Disabled Children’s Service will continue to provide packages of support until your child reaches 18 and they should be your first point of contact for any changes to the package of support prior to 18.

You can contact us by telephone Preparing for Adulthood 01392 381291 or by email

For Care Direct, which is for any adult social care enquiry, the number is 0345 155 1007.  So once the young person has an adult worker allocated, this is the number they need.

For DCC complaints here’s the link

CSW Presentation


Power of Attorney and Deputyship

Power of Attorney and Deputyship Presentation


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