Work Related Learning & Work Experience

There is a statutory requirement for 16-19 year olds to be “offered the opportunity to undertake high quality and meaningful work experience as part of their post-16 education”. There is no duty in Key Stage 4.  However, we are committed to ensuring that where appropriate, learners will gain appropriate and meaningful work-related learning experience whilst at Ellen Tinkham.

Work related learning runs throughout the school. Learners develop their skills, knowledge and experience during their school journey. Work experience is an integral part of our study programme in Sixth Form (Key Stage 5) on the Subject-Specific Path. Cross-curricular activities and vocational learning include gardening and cooking which provides an opportunity for our learners to see products grow to sell and take part in concept to market activities (enterprise). This provides learners with the opportunity to understand the world of work and apply functional skills such as English, Maths and ICT. We provide varying stages of work experience to differentiate the level and stages of our learner’s development. Undertaking work experience allows learner to transfer the skills and knowledge to the world of work, skills such as communicating with a variety of different people, team work and independence which in turn, increases learners’ confidence.

Class Based Work Experience = Learners undertake work experience in their classroom base, known as ‘Class Responsibilities’. Each class has varying different roles, personalised to each individual learner.

School Based Work Experience = Learners in Key Stage 4 and Sixth Form also undertake school-based work experience eg Receptionist and Admin Assistant.  All learners are provided with a work badge to differentiate between being a learner and being at work. Our learners apply and are interviewed before gaining the position to enhance their employability skills. Learners are encouraged to reflect on their work experience and keep a learning log of the skills they are learning.

Work-Related Learning including Enterprise = Supporting learners to apply and transfer their skills, knowledge and experience. We have a long history of using enterprise as a vehicle for teaching and learning at the Learn to Live Federation. Learners are highly involved in charity and community events, for example, Children in Need, Red Nose Day and Coffee Mornings where we raise money for good causes which is incorporated into our Duke of Edinburgh Award and School Council. We annually have a Christmas Fayre and Summer Fete and all learners contribute to its success. Sixth Form students also make and sell cakes and treats for staff to purchase.

Community Based Work Experience = When suitable, our learners who have developed their employability skills undertake a real-life supported work experience placement within the local community. We have had learners placed in local charity shops, cafes, manor houses and estates, sporting facilities and retail shops. This allows learners to enhance the skills developed within the school environment and move learners forward to becoming work ready. Learners are encouraged to reflect on their work experience through learning logs as well as developing a Vocational Profile. Once ready, community work experience becomes more tailored to our learners’ future aspirations.

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Do you work in a business that could help provide work experience opportunities for our pupils?
We are always looking for local businesses that are wanting to inspire and educate our pupils about the world of work and expand and develop our Careers & Enterprise Programme. If you think you could help to provide invaluable work experience or other opportunities, in the first instance, please contact Ed Rice –

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