Ellen Tinkham College

The Ellen Tinkham School – Further Education College is now fully complete and open to our students in Key Stages 3, 4 and 5.

The Ellen Tinkham School – Further Education College is based at Bodley House, Wayside Crescent, Exeter.

The Key Stage 5 (Post 16 Education) curriculum is linked to the ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ Framework, with student outcomes centred around Education and Employment, Independence, Community Inclusion and Health. There is also a Careers Programme in place: to find out more information, please click here.

In 2017, students at the college had the opportunity to work with the artist Catherine Cartwright, who was inspired by her Artist In Residence at Ellen Tinkham College. Following her time with us, she created this short film. The themes of the film are Joy, Positivity and a celebration of the students involved. It was recently screened as part of Art Week Exeter.

“This animated film is meant to be viewed on loop. It is inspired by and represents young people from special needs college, Ellen Tinkham in Exeter. I used a monotype printmaking process.” – Catherine Cartwright


Everyone will be the best they can be. No-one is excluded. Everyone has a voice.