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“Every learner will be empowered and enabled to lead an independent, healthy and fulfilling life”

The Trust formed in July 2012 and comprises of 10 special schools and settings across Devon including Ellen Tinkham.

As a co-operative movement, its aims are:

  • ensuring that all have full and fair access to specialist resources according to their respective identified needs
  • ensuring that all have equality of opportunities in each and every aspect of their education
  • ensuring that all have a voice that is at least as high profile as their mainstream peers
  • building a coherent and inspiring learning journey for all
  • increasing engagement and ownership of the schools within their respective communities (local, regional and specialist communities)
  • working in partnership with other schools and colleges to promote best possible outcomes
  • supporting each and every school within the Trust to raise standards

Everyone will be the best they can be; Everyone has a voice; No-one is excluded.