Film Club Review – Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2

 What type of film? Animation film. It was a comedy film and an action film.

What age is it good for? Everyone’s age at school. There was a little scary bit with a bad guy in but it was a very short bit. No one at school got scared.

What was it like? It was a good film. It was a funny adventure story. It was about being a good friend and team work. It wasn’t too long. There were good boy and girl characters in it and some animals too. There were real people but it is mostly a story about the toys.

Did we like it or not? We liked it. It got 5 votes out of 5


Today’s Student Council Meeting

Today’s student council meeting was about all the things we think work and don’t work well for us as students at school. We also had a few ideas about how to make things better. We wrote all of these down and they will be sent to the senior leader ship team (that’s the adults in charge of the school).

The hydrotherapy pool is getting the new lights, speakers and switches we asked for in the half term holiday.

The school road is going to be changed a bit to make it safer for us students in the school holidays too.


Food Glorious Food

At the last meeting we talked about the food we liked and didn’t like on the menu. We talked about what meals the students would like on the new menu. This has been told to the kitchen manager and she will talk to her boss about it. After Easter we will have a new menu at school that we have helped to make.


We’re off to South Africa!

In the summer of 2018, a group of ETS students and staff will be embarking on a trip of a lifetime to South Africa! To commemorate this fantastic opportunity, and to keep all parties updated, we have launched a new mini-site which will act as both a progress-tracker and, when the trip occurs, a blog of all their fabulous activities which they’ll update as they explore this fabulous country!

To take a look and follow them every step of the way, either click the link on the top menu bar, or follow the URL below:

Summer Fete 2016

We held our summer fete on Friday 15th July and everyone turned out in droves despite the uncertain weather! We’re delighted to report that we raised an amazing £1311 thanks to the efforts of our students, their teachers, staff, parents, carers and, of course, the PTFA and their wonderful refreshments café! Thank you to everyone who came and participated, and we hope you all had a wonderful time.

Sports Relief

Staff and students all had a whale of a time this afternoon taking part in two activities: a sponsored car wash, and also a dance-a-thon in the main playground! There were lots of smiles and laughter.

Ann Daniels Visit

We were honoured by a visit yesterday from Ann Daniels, the record-holding explorer. Ann came to talk to Key Stage 2 about her inspirational journeys as part of the first all-women team to both the North and South Poles, and brought in lots of items that had made the trek alongside her to show our students, including skis, pots, snowsuits and more! She also answered lots of questions from the pupils, including ones about what Polar Bears eat and what rainbows look like at the poles (answer: apparently they go around the sun rather than horizon-to-horizon!)

Many thanks to Ann for taking the time to come in and visit us.

Gym Event

Last weekend a group of Key Stage Two pupils competed in the annual club competition at the Exeter Gymnastics Club. They performed their floor routine, a vault, a parallel bars routine and a conditioning set.  All the children competed extremely well and won rosettes and pennants.  Lots of staff and families went along to watch and support the team.

(Photograph provided by Mr. G. Squire)

The OFSTED Report is in!

We are delighted to announce that Ellen Tinkham School has officially been judged “Outstanding” for the third OFSTED inspection running! We couldn’t be happier, and would like to thank all of our staff, our students and their parents for such a fantastic result. The full report can be found here.

Silverlea Cheque Presentation

We were delighted to welcome Silvalea to our school this afternoon. Silvalea manufacture specialist mobility equipment. and had previously designed the ‘Silva Tinkham Sling.’ Silvalea have very kindly donated a cheque to Ellen Tinkham for £300, which they presented in front of pupils, parents and staff at the Ballroom Tea dance. The donated money will be going towards the hydro pool fund.

Everyone will be the best they can be. No-one is excluded. Everyone has a voice.