The Parent, Teachers and Family Association (PTFA) is an organisation that works in conjunction with the school to raise funds and awareness. The PTFA endeavours to work towards helping the pupils with their development and experiences during their time at Ellen Tinkham School, by assisting them with projects and equipment, but this obviously takes money and resources. Money, which the PTFA have to raise through fundraising ventures and generous donations. Everyone who has an association with the school is welcome to attend our meetings and help in anyway is always gratefully received.

The PTFA has previously assisted in helping towards the cost of school proms, the playground equipment, tent and camping equipment, school plays, outtings, musical instruments and the latest project is the new hydrotherapy pool, just to name a few.

We are hopeful that this year will also be a great fundraising year for Ellen Thinkham school and the growth of the regular PTFA members continues to grow also.

Sarah Wallace

Everyone will be the best they can be. No-one is excluded. Everyone has a voice.