Home Learning

Welcome to our new Home Learning portal! This page will act as a placeholder while the proper website is constructed this week, and host a small number of activities for families and their children to engage with.

Useful Educational Websites/Apps: – An interactive phonics programme starting with early phonics. Suitable for children that are beginning to recognise letters. A service that the school buys into to provide activities, games and short programmes for all areas of the curriculum and for all ages and abilities. # you can try for free is a hand writing app. one month free trial a reading app that listens to your child read. Twinkl is free for parents at the moment and has amazing resources to use online or to print.  This includes the phonics programme that many of the children will be using in class. Communication platform.  Games and activities covering a range of subject areas Searchable site of thousands of quality teaching resources, interactive resources for a wide range of abilities. From the Tate gallery this site has a range of Art based activities.

Links to virtual tours at the British museum   Fun games to support children in learning phonics


   Yoga videos to follow that are fun and engaging.



 Dance along videos for getting active



 An accessible app with engaging activities SEN activities such as cause and effect

 Easy activities created by a mum with things that you may have around the house.


Everyone will be the best they can be; Everyone has a voice; No-one is excluded.