Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1 we aim to support our pupils to develop their independence and self-help skills, and develop a robust and flexible communication pathway. Pupils freely explore a range of motivating and engaging learning opportunities that are skilfully and playfully facilitated by adults who are aware of intended learning outcomes and individual next steps.

We aim to deliver short bursts of direct, structured teaching of maths and English as pupils become developmentally ready. This ensures they are prepared for Key Stage 2.

We use pupil interests and motivations to guide topic-based planning. Classroom have continuous provision spaces for playful, child-led learning (such as a role play area, a small world area, construction area, reading area). These areas remain in place all the time, and each week enhancements are added in line with our topic to continue engage and challenge pupils. Alongside this, teachers provide a range of adult facilitated activities in each session for children to choose and move between. These activities are low threshold/high ceiling, ensuring all pupils have a point of access. Differentiation is by support, pace or outcome.

Our wider curriculum includes rural skills, swimming, music, walking group and horse-riding.

Everyone will be the best they can be; Everyone has a voice; No-one is excluded.