School Nursing Team

In the event of school closures, families can still contact the school nursing team for advice and support during school hours:

Jo Bingham (Ellen Tinkham nurse)  /  07971 246643  /  email:

During school holidays, the Community Children’s Nursing Team can be contacted by telephoning the SPA (Single Point of Access) on 03000 245 321 and asking for the duty children’s nurse.

At Ellen Tinkham, we are lucky  to have a nursing team to help promote our development and well-being.

Jo Bingham is a Community Children’s Nurse and covers both Ellen Tinkham School and Ellen Tinkham College. Jo is able to provide care for children with complex healthcare needs whilst in school. This support enables students to attend school regularly, enhancing their educational experience whilst maintaining safety. Jo provides specialist nursing support, advice and intervention working alongside parents, school staff and other members of the multi-disciplinary team including social workers, learning disability nurses, paediatricians and dietitians to name a few. This collaboration with home, school and other agencies ensures the best possible care for all children in the school.

Jo is supported by Nursing Assistants who have a wealth of experience having previously worked with the children at Ellen Tinkham as Teaching Assistants. Their knowledge and experience of the children and their needs is invaluable.

The team provide training and support for school staff in:

  • Safe administration of medications in line with the schools medicine policy.
  • Epilepsy recognition and management of seizures including administration of emergency medications.
  • Gastrostomy feeding.
  • Asthma management and guidance in the use of inhalers.
  • Education on specific conditions and other medical needs in school.

Clinics held at both the school and college site ensure children are regularly monitored by healthcare professionals without needing to take time out of school for appointments.

Paediatrician Clinics:

Dr Helen Brewer
Dr Richard Tomlinson
Dr Jane Dunlop

Bladder and Bowel Clinic:

Claire Lindsey

Orthoptist Clinic:

Alison Wakeman

Audiology Clinic:

Magda Vorster

Dental Clinic:

Nicky Day

Dietitian Clinic:

Rosie Hill

If you wish to speak to a member of the school nursing team about your child please call the nurses room on 01392 463824.

Alternately, you can email Jo Bingham (

If you need to fill out a medical consent form to send in to school, you can find it on our Forms page.

Everyone will be the best they can be; Everyone has a voice; No-one is excluded.