Preparing for Adulthood

Preparation for Adulthood

The Preparing for Adulthood programme (PfA) is developed and delivered by the National Development Team for inclusion (NDTi). PfA aims to support young people into adulthood with paid employment, good health, independent living options and friends, relationships and community inclusion.

Our Federation incorporates the PfA objectives into our Learning to Live Curriculum Policy offer by threading it through everything that we offer. The aim is for all of our pupils to develop skills which will prepare pupils for their next stage of their lives; so that they become increasingly independent, are able to find their place in the wider community and be prepared for adulthood when they leave the Learn to Live Federation. PfA begins in the early years and continues throughout pupils’ school journey. PfA underpins curriculum policies and planning.

PfA aims ‘extends beyond [the] academic, technical or vocational’ learning and ‘provides for pupils’ broader development, enabling them to develop and discover their interests and talents’ (Ofsted EIF, 2019). There is a focus on the individual pupils’ personal development with careful consideration and analysis of their strengths and needs, ensuring that during EHCP Annual Reviews/PCRs, pupils have aspirational short- and long-term outcomes to work towards.

As our pupils’ transition to further education, training, bespoke packages or work, we support them and their families to choose the right pathway to adulthood.

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